There has been no vehicle to protect fraudsters from recording a new deed, transferring ownership from the current vested owner to someone else until Terzero.


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Terzero’s patent pending technology on two factor authentication is a revolutionary process to ensure that homeowners have deed protection against fraudulent transfers of title and ownership. Many countries and companies alike have set parameters to notify consumers of any action recorded on a property. This notification is post recordation of a new document and does not protect anything for the homeowner. Replicating credit monitoring products, homeowners will be alerted after the fraud has already taken place. Terzero protects any transaction from happening without the knowledge and approval of the vested party/s and/or their successors.

This process can be done by filing a new deed either in person at the county level, or online using an e-recording vehicle to file the new documents. Once a new deed has been recorded, the process of overturning the fraudulent transfer must be litigated through the court system. Homeless victims must engage a litigation attorney to disprove the transfer, an arduous process that can take years to overturn with no guarantees.


When was the last time you checked the deed on your Real Property? Primary, second home, and investment properties alike are easy targets for Deed fraud, an ongoing systemic issue in the Real Estate industry.

Contrary to popular belief, Title Insurance does not protect against transaction that takes place for the vested owner from the time of their purchase closing moving forward. Title Insurance covers the newly vested buyer from their closing backwards, insuring a clean bill of health at the time of their closing, but not thereafter. Homeowners insurance policies do not protect either. Terzero is the only true protection against Deed Fraud.

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