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Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, subsequently driven by business models at every stage of success, in all respective industries.

Real Estate and the related ecosystems are co-dependent, relying on one another to thrive or struggle, you decide. Volatile markets, global economies, and domestic and politically driven uncertainty results in a cyclical guessing game in marketing.

What works?

What is the best way to target the market?

Will what you have done before work again?

Are you overthinking?

Are you oversimplifying?

What did my last coaching seminar say? And the one before it, and before that?

Head scratching differentials? Which one is right?

Marketing is something that is individualistic….

What works for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa…

Concurrently what worked in the past may not work now.

Don’t do jumping jacks in your own head, overthinking techniques, just do it!

Everyone is getting too many emails these days so I will market through all social media.. but everyone must be thinking the same thing so maybe ill do the opposite?

Print is outdated, so maybe I’ll handwrite postcards, but that’s too time-consuming, maybe ill use Linked In instead, maybe ill do videos and reels instead of drip campaigns, maybe I’ll change my CRM?

I heard salesforce is great, maybe ill try that…. Maybe I should be using a CRM and not relying on the methods I have used all these years.


Be Yourself, and target an audience that works for your business model. That doesn’t mean you cannot change your target markets and still find success, just don’t expect it to happen overnight on a consistent basis.

Don’t watch a Real Estate show with industry leaders and expect to achieve a level of success parallel to theirs in your first year. Instead, ask and learn how successful people got where they are, and what they have done that worked for them.

Always be a student and determined to find ways that work for you, your personality, your work ethic, and your goals aligned with what is a reachable goal.

Don’t Assume that if you do the same exact things that someone else does that you will have the same outcome, that’s why we are all different, find yourself and work hard.

The one consistent parallel I have found in all industry leaders is the ability to evolve and remain consistent.

I have always tried to set the bar high for myself and my industry, controlling the things I can and working hard to remain consistent, especially during uncertain times.

Recently I have noticed that there are so many people that really don’t understand marketing, and business and how they relate. I am so tired of the FB Groups with members asking the most ridiculous questions to try and get attention and a possible lead. It’s frightening actually.

“ Looking for a lender in Florida” TIA

What? Really! Are you? An agent looking for a lender in a whole state? Let’s break that down. What’s the purpose of the question?

Is it to get as many people to give their name, their friend’s name, someone they want to try and leverage, a FB post to show them they are thinking of them, only to screenshot the post and send it to them for a gold star?

Do you really think any of this works? Do you think the person that posted the question is going to choose you and your referral? Why because you have the best profile pic? You were the fastest responder? You named dropped the most? Do you have the most followers on IG?

I run from these carrot danglers as fast as possible and make sure to block or delete them as soon as possible. Time is precious and the one thing that doesn’t change and always runs out on a daily basis. Use it wisely, as you will find the one consistency in success is time management and structured discipline.

Life has so many distractions, and in an ADD world, it is way too easy to find yourself off-course. Life will always be there to gut-check your determination, successful people find the best way for them to handle stress, change, and uncontrollable factors on a daily basis.

For the last 5 years I have put business first, and I last. 16-hour days, limited days off, limited vacations, family time ( during the week ) Up at 4, sleeping by 9, and repeat….. Timing is everything, as the Real Estate industry has just gone through the busiest time that I have seen in 23 years in the business.

Most of us have seen a 30 percent drop in transactions recently, how are you dealing with that?

Till next time…..